The Current State of Alts

January 8, 2024

If you look back in history there has always been some international crisis and markets push through. Regarding interest rates, the real story was the near zero rates that persisted too long, today rates are simply normalized.
Private Credit Versus Investment Grade Bonds

December 21, 2022

Most investment portfolios have three basic components. Cash that has option value for future buys, equity for growth that hopefully exceeds inflation, and income that generates cash flow. Normally, our income investments are stable - we get some capital appreciation with predictable cash distributions. That was the case, until 2022!
An Alternative View

May 26, 2022

For years, you’ve dined on meat and potatoes; sturdy fare that’s given you the strength and endurance you’ve needed. Now, however, while the prime cuts of meat still deliver, the potatoes are drying out – less quantity, quality and nourishment. To get the sustenance you need, you’ve had to look elsewhere – to vegetables, fish … heck, you’ve even contemplated fast food. The taste rewards seem endless, but the risks of the unknown are daunting.
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