Investing 101: Guaranteed Investments

May 1, 2024

Nowadays there are numerous options to invest your money and achieve your financial goals. While some prefer the stock market for its high potential returns, others find it too nerve-racking, preferring the more predictable experience guaranteed investments provide. However, all investments, even low-risk ones, have pros and cons.
The Value of Advice: Finding the Active-Passive Balance

February 9, 2024

For the most important aspects of your life, there are typically half a dozen things that matter. Keeping healthy means daily exercise, eating well, a good night’s sleep, finding me time, positive personal relationships, and moderated drinking. Investing and accumulating wealth is no different, there are only a few things that really matter...
Why the Hype Around Private Investments?

August 14, 2023

You may be hearing more about Private Investments these days and wondering if they are suitable. The first question you may have is why the focus on them now?
A Lifetime of Contributions

February 22, 2023

According to Lao Tzu, a wise Chinese philosopher, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Whatever your inspiration to start investing, whether it is a book, lunch with a friend or an introduction to a financial advisor nothing happens without your first contribution. The contribution plan you choose is a very powerful decision because it sets the course for your investment journey.
Recession Outlook: When The Central Bank Stops Being Boring

June 2, 2023

The Bank of Canada’s monetary policy should be boring. Like a hockey or soccer referee, people shouldn’t notice it. If they do, it usually means a contentious decision has been made. Interest-rate policy and inflation figures shouldn’t be the main topic of discussion around an average family dinner table.
Not All Income Is Equal - Three Categories to Consider in 2023

May 17, 2023

Now is a great time to look at your income investments. Recent interest rate hikes in North America have significantly reduced the prices, making 2023 an interesting entry point. But this is not about market timing or making a quick profit, it’s about taking advantage of structural changes in interest rate policy designed to deal with inflation and to unwind emergency lending rates post pandemic. There are many investments that could fall under the income category, so for simplicity we will define them as investments made with the primary purpose of generating cash flow. Looking at the prevailing conditions in 2023 there are three categories everyone should re-evaluate – bonds, REITs and infrastructure.
Six Investment Myths Busted

July 7, 2022

Gordon Gekko hasn’t done the investment industry’s reputation any favours. Michael Douglas’ unscrupulous movie character quickly became shorthand for all that is wrong with Wall Street and financial markets with his infamous ‘greed is good’ speech. But you don’t have to look too far away from the big screen to see real-life examples of people whose actions have perpetuated the link between the wealth industry, untrustworthy characters and get-rich-quick trades.
The benefits of working with an independent Portfolio Manager

January 19, 2022

Most Canadians will have weighed up the advantages of using an advisor at some point in their lives. But with more and more options open to the DIY investor, the question of whether to use a professional is one many people don’t fully understand.
Revisiting Your Financial Plan

October 11, 2021

The hits keep coming! With the recently concluded Federal election essentially changing nothing in Ottawa, there is little doubt that annual spending deficits will probably continue to reach new levels. Along with this renewed deficit spending Canadians can expect to see higher consumer prices as various economic disruptions continue to impact Canada and other nations around the globe.
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