Spring Cleaning Your Finances 101

April 10, 2024

Your financial spring cleaning should include simple reviews of spending activities and more strategic discussions about tax and investment planning.
Death & Taxes: The Role of an Executor

April 3, 2024

Being an executor isn’t an easy job. Firstly, it’s a title only given in the event of a death. The death of someone who trusted you to handle their affairs when they can’t. Second, you must deal with various professionals - funeral directors, lawyers, accountants, banks, insurance companies, wealth advisors, etc.
Financial Planning for Children

February 5, 2024

Children present unique financial planning opportunities. Some strategies are widely known, like RESPs … but others are not. Therefore, let’s look at the options when planning for your little one(s).
Retirement Planning: Preparing to Pay Yourself

November 30, 2023

You've toiled, prioritized, and saved. Now, you’re counting down the days to retirement and need to start preparing for the change. How do you ensure a smooth transition from getting a paycheque to paying yourself?
Preparing the Next Generation for Wealth

October 27, 2023

It sounds counterintuitive but words rather than numbers are likely to dictate the success of your family’s transfer of wealth. Most people turn to a financial advisor simply for a tax-efficient estate plan to ensure their heirs inherit as much as possible. But what good is that if the next generation are ill-equipped to deal with it, either because the money comes as a surprise or because they’re too entitled to handle such a windfall?
Six Investment Myths Busted

July 7, 2022

Gordon Gekko hasn’t done the investment industry’s reputation any favours. Michael Douglas’ unscrupulous movie character quickly became shorthand for all that is wrong with Wall Street and financial markets with his infamous ‘greed is good’ speech. But you don’t have to look too far away from the big screen to see real-life examples of people whose actions have perpetuated the link between the wealth industry, untrustworthy characters and get-rich-quick trades.
Managing money in a rising interest-rate environment

March 31, 2022

Canada’s benchmark interest rate hit an all-time high of 16% in 1991 – and here investors are in 2022, freaking out over projections it’ll touch 1% by June. But there’s a reason for the current unease. Despite rate increases being forecast the minute governments and central banks opened the floodgates on trillions of dollars of stimulus, things have now “got real”.
Should I stay, or should I go?

March 10, 2022

Between the pandemic, inflation, and geopolitical tensions, market uncertainty reigns right now. You might have heard some disturbing words, like shares “plunging”, prices “soaring”, and investment “volatility”. Many people, therefore, are asking themselves: should I take money out of the market and get back in when skies are clearer?
Investing in China: the state of play

February 24, 2022

As Canadians locked their doors to avoid the freezing temperatures this winter, many settled back and watched the action unfold in China. But, at times, it was difficult to tell the bigger story. Was it which athletes made the podium, how many times Xi Jinping cozied up to Vladimir Putin, or was it the growing number of reports explaining the slowing Chinese economy? 
RRSP strategies – and how they can enhance a retirement savings plan

February 11, 2022

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas tree has come down, you’ve dived into your new year’s resolutions and … now it’s RRSP time.
Revisiting Your Financial Plan

October 11, 2021

The hits keep coming! With the recently concluded Federal election essentially changing nothing in Ottawa, there is little doubt that annual spending deficits will probably continue to reach new levels. Along with this renewed deficit spending Canadians can expect to see higher consumer prices as various economic disruptions continue to impact Canada and other nations around the globe.
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